Gary D. Saretzky


This bibliography was prepared primarily in connection with my article, "Elias Goldensky: Wizard of Photography," cited below. A few items were discovered subsquently and added. I would appreciate learning of omissions so that they could be included.


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Association Review
[Convention annuals of the Photographers' Association of America], [Goldensky photographs: 1905, 20a, man with magazine, "Character Study"; 1909, n.p., untitled (young woman with long hair), photo from 1908 convention salon.]

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, 8:194 (April 26, 1911), 258. [Goldensky portrait, "Frank S. Noble." Reprinted without credit in Bulletin of Photography, 22:552 (March 6, 1918), 225. Noble was the Assistant Treasurer of the Eastman Kodak Company in 1918, when he was appointed to head the Western New York district for the production of munitions.]

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Chambers, Frank V. [att.]. "A Most Worthy Project," Bulletin of Photography, 9:216 (September 27, 1911), 207. [Goldensky appointed to committee to explore the creation of a home for aged photographers by John H. Garo, President of the Photographers' Association of New England.]

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Chambers, Frank V. [att.]."A Scottish Photographer in America [William Crooke]," Bulletin of Photography, 8:196 (May 10, 1911), 293-294. [Crooke stated that Goldensky was the only professional he met on his trip to America who works only in gum bichromate, and that Goldensky gets good prices, serves a better class of clientele, and composes each picture according to the subject. Crooke, from Edinburgh, visited the U.S. along with H. Walter Barnett of London. Crooke said he also met President Taft, George Eastman, and photographers Cramer, Falk, Harris, MacDonald, Rau, and Strauss. Reprinted from British Journal of Photography.]

Chambers, Frank V. [att.]. "Another Photographic Scheme," Bulletin of Photography, 15:377 (August 19, 1914), 235-237. [McClure Publications planning "monster album" of 30,000 portraits of women subscribers to The Ladies World; Goldensky to do the work in the Philadelphia region, from "the edge of the Pittsburgh territory, north almost to New York, and in neighboring territory to the south." H.H. Pierce to cover Massachusetts.]

Chambers, Frank V. [att.]. "Awards in the 1908 Kodak Photographic Advertising Contest," Bulletin of Photography, 3:66 (November 11, 1908), 316. [Goldensky one of five judges in contest for which ten awards are listed in professional and amateur classes. Rudolf Eickemeyer was awarded $50 fifth prize in the former; other photographers listed are now unknown.]

Chambers, Frank V. [att.]."Composite Portraits," Bulletin of Photography, 1:3 (July 8, 1908), 46-47. [Concerns Goldensky combination of faces of six sisters into one composite portrait; two illustrations.]

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Chambers, Frank V. [att.]. Editorial, Bulletin of Photography, 3:67 (November 18, 1908), 322. [In part reprinted from "Elias Goldensky, Artist-Photographer," The Camera, 11:08 (August 1907), 286.]

Chambers, Frank V. [att.]. "Elias Goldensky, Artist-Photographer," The Camera, 11:08 (August 1907, 286-290, 297, 298. [Appreciative essay plus six Goldensky photographs: 1) "Study" (child with fish bowl, outdoors); 2) "Study," (female nude with drapery, sitting on floor); 3) "Carmen"; 4) untitled (woman with necklace and ribbons); 5) untitled (portrait of N.H. Imber); 6) "The Late Dr. John Watson (Ian Maclaren) Copyrighted 1907 by Elias Goldensky."]

Chambers, Frank V. [att.]. "Forerunner of the Thirty-Third Annual Convention of the Photographers' Association of America, convention Hall, Kansas City, Mo., July 21 to 26, 1913," Bulletin of Photography, 12: 307 (June 25, 1913), 806-809. [Includes portrait of Goldensky and notice that he will give two demonstrations ("Versatility in Portraiture" and "Portraiture") "using his new electric flashlight." Follow up article in the July 16 Bulletin, 13:310, 67-68, mentions the times for the lectures but with no other details.]

Chambers, Frank V. [att.]. "General Program, Fourteenth Annual Convention and Exposition, Photographers' Association of New England, Steeplechase Island, Bridgeport, Conn., Week of September 11," Bulletin of Photography, 9:213 (September 6, 1911), 153. [Goldensky to demonstrate at convention.]

Chambers, Frank V. [att.]. "Get Your Art in Focus," Bulletin of Photography, 181 (January 25, 1911),

Chambers, Frank V. [att.]. "News and Notes," Bulletin of Photography, 3:47 (July 1, 1908), 11. [Goldensky to open new studio at 1705 Chestnut on September 1; ten-year lease signed and renovations in progress.]

Chambers, Frank V. [att.]. "News and Notes," Bulletin of Photography, 3:67 (November 18, 1908), 333. [Account of surprise party on November 7 for Goldensky at his studio held by his Philadelphia friends, the Bohemians (Ryland W. Phillips, William H. Rau, William Shewell Ellis, Alfred Holden, J. Mitchel Elliot, Louis Kubey, Albert E. Lipp, and Frank V. Chambers), and also attended by out-of-town friends A.F. Bradley, Pirie MacDonald, B.J. Falk, and E.B. Core of New York; G.W. Harris of Washington, and Meredith Janvier of Baltimore.]

Chambers, Frank V. [att.], "News and Notes," Bulletin of Photography, 6:131 (February 9, 1910), 96. [Goldensky and Richard T. Dooner to exhibit at School of Industrial Art, Philadelphia, February 14-28. A "musical tea" will be held on February 24, with soloists Marie Zeckwer, soprano, and David Griffin, basso.]

Chambers, Frank V. [att.]. "Pennsylvania Photographers," Bulletin of Photography, 2:39 (May 6, 1908), 354-355. [Goldensky listed as an exhibitor with three prints (unidentified) at convention of Professional Photographers' Society of Pennsylvania, held in Philadelphia on May 5-6.]

Chambers, Frank V. [att.], "Philadelphia Photographers," Bulletin of Photography, 4:90 (April 28, 1909), 272. [At monthly meeting of Professional Photographers of Philadelphia held at the Phillips studio at 1206 Chestnut Street, "Goldensky gave a review of the recent New York State Society meeting and spoke in his usual forceful manner."]

Chambers, Frank V. [att.]. "Philadelphia Photographers; The Second of a Series of Six Short Talks on Prominent Photographers," Bulletin of Photography (Special Goldensky Number), 31 (March 11, 1908), 211. [Includes portrait of Goldensky by William Shewell Ellis. Issue also includes frontispiece by Goldensky and his portrait of S. Hudson Chapman on page 210.]

Chambers, Frank V. [att.]. "Philadelphia Section," Bulletin of Photography, 3:64 (October 28, 1908), 286-287. [Report of meeting of Professional Photographers' Society of Philadelphia in Wilmington on October 21, at which Goldensky was one of the speakers. Goldensky described his print varnishing method: "White Spirit of Varnish (not shellac) diluted one-half Denatured Alcohol. Prints were totally submerged in this and allowed to stay in the varnish for from three to ten minutes. . . no brush being used. . ."]

Chambers, Frank V. [att.]. "Photographers of Pennsylvania; A Heart-to-Heart Talk to Everybody," Bulletin of Photography, 2:36 (April 15, 1908), 305-306. [Goldensky to demonstrate how to get 'individuality of the sitter' at annual meeting of Professional Photographers' Society of Pennsylvania on May 5 and 6.]

Chambers, Frank V. [att.]. "Professional Photographers' Society of New York; Proceedings of the Convention in New York, April 1 to 3," Bulletin of Photography, 2:35 (April 8, 1908), 295-297. [Goldensky "gave an amusing description of his hand and foot power cutting machine," which allowed the operator to have both hands free while cutting paper or board. Description of apparatus given. Goldensky also gave a demonstration of portrait-making.]

Chambers, Frank V. [att.], "Professional Photographers' Society of Pennsylvania," Bulletin of Photography, 4:83 (March 10, 1909), 150; 4:84 (March 17, 1909), 171; 4:85 (March 24, 1909), 183; 4:86 (March 31, 1909), 203; 4:88 (April 14, 1909), 237; 4:90 (April 28, 1909), 265, 268, 269; 4:94 (May 26, 1909), 326. [Notices and program of annual meeting in Philadelphia on May 4-6, 1909. The first four notices state, "Goldensky's studio will undoubtedly be one of the objective points for visiting members, and 'Goldie' [sic] has offered to open his doors to them on the afternoons of the 5th and 6th of May, at which time the studio will be closed to the public." The third and fourth notice also includes the erroneous statement, "Goldy is going to demonstrate, and he will be assisted by Ryland W. Phillips and William Shewell Ellis." The program (p. 268) indicates that Dudley Hoyt, A.F. Bradley and Pirie MacDonald demonstrated at Goldensky's studio, but Goldensky did not. A photograph at the George Eastman House depicts this event. A photograph of "Goldy" by Phillips (uncredited) appears on page 268. A photo made by Bradley on this occasion appears on page 326.]

Chambers, Frank V. [att.]. "Professional Photographers' Society of Pennsylvania; Full Report of the Convention Held in Philadelphia, May 5th and 6th," Bulletin of Photography, 2:40 (May 13, 1908), 376-379. [Includes summary of Goldensky's comments concerning J.E. Mock's proposal concerning presentation albums. Goldensky also co-authored a resolution and spoke at the 'Planked Shad Dinner.']

Chambers, Frank V. [att.]. "Professional Photographers' Society of Pennsylvania; Summary of the Pennsylvania Convention of May 4, 5 and 6," Bulletin of Photography, 4:92 (May 12, 1909), 300-308. [Resolution thanking Goldensky, who had made his premises available on two afternoons for skylight demonstrations by other photographers, for "the placing of his magnificent studio at the disposal of the Society at great pecuniary sacrifice to himself; he also received a gift, which Mrs. Goldensky appropriated on the spot.]

Chambers, Frank V. [att.]. "Report of the Meeting of the Professional Photographers' Club of New York," Bulletin of Photography, 12:287 (February 5, 1913), 173. [Report of Goldensky's electric light demonstration. Using his "new invention of Tungsten Light Control" with about 30 lamps, he made portrait exposures in one-quarter of a second with "beautiful results." Goldensky then elected as an honorary member of the Club.]

Chambers, Frank V. [att.]. "The 'Better Business' Convention," Bulletin of Photography, 26:677 (August 4, 1920), 102-105. [Goldensky will give a talk and demonstration at the national convention of the Photographers' Association of America, Milwaukee, August 23-28. "Elias Goldensky, of Philadelphia, will tell you more about the making of a portrait than you ever dreamed there was to know."]

Chambers, Frank V. [att.], "The Coming Convention at Rochester, July 19-24; A Bit of Advance Information," Bulletin of Photography, 4:96 (June 9, 1909), 360-361. [Ryland W. Phillips to lecture about Goldensky, Barrows, Hoyt, MacDonald, Garo, Strauss, Doty and others at national convention of Photographers' Association of America.]

Chambers, Frank V. [att.]. "The Falk Convention, New York, February 12th, 13th, 14th," Bulletin of Photography, 12:287 (February 5, 1913), 182. [Goldensky to exhibit at convention of New York professional photographers.]

Chambers, Frank V. [att.], "The National Convention, Milwaukee, July 12 to 16th," Bulletin of Photography, 6:147 (June 1, 1910), 349-350. [Goldensky listed as one of many "print exhibitors."]

Chambers, Frank V. [att.]. "The Rochester Convention; The Greatest in the History of the National Association. . .," Bulletin of Photography, 5:103 (July 28, 1909), 53-59. [Includes account of Ryland Phillips' lecture about Goldensky and other photographers, although Goldensky not mentioned in summary; Goldensky listed as exhibitor of six photographs (also listed as planning to exhibit in 4:95 {June 2, 1909}, 352).]

(Philadelphia), 4:9 (January 1918), 6, 13, 14, 19, 20. [Includes the following Goldensky photographs: "The Offering," "Maude Fulton," "Mrs. Frank C. Knowles," "Mrs. Richard E. Norton," "Jules Falk," "Albert Rosenthal [aka 'The Artist']," "Giuseppi Donato," "George Gibbs." See also citation for Jaeger.]

Claudy, C.H. "A Master Workman and His Studio; Elias Goldensky's New Departure," Bulletin of Photography 3:67 (November 18, 1908), cover, frontis, 319-329. [Detailed account of Goldensky's new studio at 1705 Chestnut; includes ten photographs of studio and portrait of Goldensky by Ryland W. Phillips on cover.]

Claudy, C.H. "Art in the Showcase," Bulletin of Photography, 8:180 (January 18, 1911), 43. [Considers Goldensky and Käsebier as artistic portrait photographers.]

Claudy, C.H. "Awards in the 1908 Kodak Prize Competition," Bulletin of Photography, 4:87 (April 7,
1909), frontis, 213-217. [Reproduces award winners; Goldensky one of the judges but not mentioned in article.]

Claudy, C.H. "A Thousand Dollars a Portrait," Bulletin of Photography, 2:36 (April 15, 1908), 304, 309-310. [Report and photo of when civil engineer Charles Henry Davis, who sat for Goldensky after being told that "Goldensky did the best character portrait work in the country." Includes details of Davis' recommendation to Goldensky that he use only hidden cameras in the studio. (In his new studio, to which Goldensky moved soon thereafter, he did install hidden cameras but did not use them exclusively.) Davis also told Goldensky that he should charge $1,000 a portrait, by taking many negatives from the hidden cameras, printing the best one once, and breaking the negative. Goldensky laughed. Also account of Claudy's conversation with Goldensky, in which the latter said he should have been able to have charged $1,000 for "a painterlike study of an artist at her easel," but got only $25 for the home portrait, which Goldensky said was "better than a painting in some ways." ]

Claudy, C.H. "Making Portraits at Home," Bulletin of Photography, 2:24 (January 22, 1908), 65. [Discusses Goldensky and Pierce (of Boston) as unusual professionals because they do home portraits.]

Claudy, C.H. "Originality In Styles," Bulletin of Photography, 8:196 (May 10, 1911), 295-296. [States that while nine out of ten photographers do the "same grade of work. .. . the tenth man--Goldensky, Garo, Strauss--will get something else in his picture. . . .."]

Claudy, C.H. "Portraiture with the Camera," The World Today (June 1910), 627-637. [Includes "Portrait of a Boy" by Goldensky, as well as images by Frances Benjamin Johnston, John Garo, Charles Wesley Hearn, Gertrude Kasebier, J.C. Strauss, Ryland Phillips, Rudolph Eickemeyer, Frederick I. Monson, and Harris & Ewing.]

Cleveland Leader Sunday Magazine, article "Worth While Folk" on Felix Adler with Adler photo by Goldensky, January 3, 1915 [page unknown].

The Critic, ed. by Jeanette Leonard Gilder and Joseph Benson Gilder, 47 (1905), 201. [Includes Goldensky portrait of Anne Hollingsworth Wharton, curiously credited to Llias & Goldnsry.]

Cunningham, Joseph. The Artistic Furniture of Charles Rohlfs. NY: American Decorative Art Foundation, 2008. [Page 150 includes photographs of Goldensky's outdoor showcase, designed by Rohlfs, at his 1227 Walnut Street studio, early 1900s. Rohlfs also designed the furnishings for Goldensky's subsequent studio on Chestnut Street.]]

Deschin, Jacob, "Historical prints: Philadelphia Club Shows Some Famous Firsts," New York Times, Nov. 23, 1952, p. X17. [Review of American Museum of Photography exhibition including wall devoted to prints by Goldensky, to note 90th anniversary of the Philadelphia Society of Photographers.]

"Dorothy Hicks [obituary]," Intelligencer, Apr. 22, 2003, B7. [States that Hicks, who died at age 95, modeled for Goldensky in his studio "in her younger years."]

Editors of Popular Photography, "American Museum of Photography Portfolio," Popular Photography Annual (New York: Ziff-Davis, 1968), 32-39. [Photographs by or of Goldensky on pages 33 (Italian Type), 34 (Lumière dinner), 37 (Maxim Gorki), and 39 (Goldensky by Strauss).]

El Paso Herald, March 17, 1910, p. 4. [Goldensky exhibits three gum bichromate portraits in the Feldman Photographic Exhibition at gallery of photographer Fred J. Feldman, 308 San Antonio Street, El Paso, Texas.]

Ellis, William Shewell, Letter to Editor, Bulletin of Photography, 4:88 (April 14, 1909), 237-238. [Ryland W. Phillips' lecture, "Methods Under the Skylight," to be given at annual meeting of Professional Photographers' Society of Pennsylvania, May 4-6, 1909, will include lantern slides of 'the most important studios,' including Goldensky's. This lecture, which was repeated at the national convention in Rochester in 1909 and elsewhere, became the basis for Phillips' book, With Other Photographers, 1910.]

Evening Telegraph (October 22, 1898), [page unknown, clipping in 1898 Salon album, IMP/GEH Library]. [Discusses Goldensky work at First Philadelphia Photographic Salon.]

Ferguson, E. Lee. "Philadelphia Photographic Salon," The Photographic Times, 31:1 (January 1899), [page unknown, clipping in 1898 Salon album, IMP/GEH Library]. [Discusses Goldensky work at First Philadelphia Photographic Salon.]

Finkel, Kenneth. Nineteenth Century Photography in Philadelphia (New York: Dover, 1980). [Includes brief biographical information about Goldensky and Goldensky portrait of Naphtali Herz Imber, the poet who wrote Hatikvah, later set to music for the Israeli national anthem.]

Frank, Lan. "Goldensky - An Appreciation," Boardwalk Illustrated News (March 1, 1926), 14. [Includes portrait of Goldensky and photograph of his studio.]

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Gazette (Stevens Point, Wis.), February 10, 195, 8. [Goldensky portrait of Miss Alice Riddle, artist and prize winner.]

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Hartmann, Sadakichi. "A Painter-Photographer -- J.H. Garo," Wilson's Photographic Magazine, 43 (March 1906), 99-102, reprinted in Harry W. Lawton and George Knox, eds., The Valiant Knights of Daguerre (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1978), 221-226, under the title, "J.H. Garo, Wanderer on New Roads." [Mentions Goldensky as an artistic photographer precursor of John H. Garo.]

Hartmann, Sadakichi. "Charles Rohlfs: A Worker in Wood," Wilson's Magazine, 49:662 (1912), 70, 74-76. [Includes photograph of Goldensky's showcase, built by Rohlfs, in front of Goldensky's studio at 1227 Walnut Street, 1903-1904.]

Hartmann, Sadakichi. "Exhibition of Photographs by Elias Goldensky at the New York Camera Club, Feb. 10-27, 1904," American Amateur Photographer, 16 (April 1904), 146, 148, 150-157, 159, 160. [Nine portraits by Goldensky, including "Admiral [George Wallace] Melville," "Adolph Grant," "Israel Zangwill," "Miss Katherine Grey," "Study of a Child," "Character Study" (also known as "Italian Type,"), "Portrait, Miss E.W.," "A Difficult Problem (also known as "Two Old Hebrews Reading,"), and "Francesca De Rimini,"(the actor Otis Skinner). The citation for this article in Hartmann's bibliography published in Valiant Knights of Daguerre omits the pages with four of the illustrations.]

Hartman, Sadakichi. “A Review of the Picture Exhibit at the Philadelphia Convention,” The Photographic Times, 44 (September 1912): 329-334. [Hartman praises Goldensky's nude studies.]

Hartmann, Sadakichi. "Sadakichi Hartmann Says Ansco Exhibit of Individual Collections Is Surpassing." Portrait, 4:4 (August 1912), 8-9. [Notes Goldensky's unusual lighting effects and praises nudes printed on Cyko paper, in exhibit at Professional Photographers of America convention, Philadelphia. Other comments on exhibit elsewhere in this issue. See also Unattributed. "The Philadelphia Convention."]

Holland, Elizabeth. "Reflections of the Community: Through the Eyes of Jewish Photographers," in Gail F. Stern, ed., Traditions in Transition: Jewish Culture in Philadelphia, 1840-1940 (Philadelphia: Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies, 1988), 64-81 [subsection on Goldensky, 74-76]. [Includes six illustrations by or of Goldensky, including portrait of Naphtali Herz Imber.]

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Hoppé, E.O. "Awards at Budapest," Photo-Era, 25:3 (September 1910), 153. [Goldensky receives silver medal.]

International Museum of Photography at George Eastman House. Annual Report 1993 (Rochester, New York: IMP/GEH, 1994). [Includes Goldensky photo, "Three women, ca. 1915, on page 10.]

Ives, Frederick E. "A New System of Trichromatic Photography," Bulletin of Photography, 7:160 (August 31, 1910), 141-143. [Similar process patented by Ives in 1911. In this article, he describes the plates as being sensitized with bichromated fish glue, while the patent called for bichromatic gelatin. Ives later invited Goldensky to test the process; examples at IMP/GEH.]

Ives, Frederick E. The Autobiography of an Amateur Inventor (Philadelphia: privately printed, 1928). [Frontispiece portrait of Ives by Elias Goldensky. Also includes information on Hi-Cro color camera used by Goldensky.]

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Jewish Exponent
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Unattributed. "Town Notes," Daily Intelligencer, Doylestown, Pa., Nov 7, 1932, 3. [Mr. and Mrs. Victgor Junette visited by Mr. and Mrs. Goldensky. Goldensky "one of the foremost portrait photographers in the world."

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"Buffalo Photographers Will Talk Shop Tonight," Buffalo Courier, April 23, 1908, p. 7. [At the "after convention meeting," Buffalo photographers of Section 6, Professional Photographers of New York, meet at Howard D. Beach's studio; among the talks will be Frederick Phole on "The Goldensky Demonstration."

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"For Mother - Your Photograph," Philadelphia Inquirer, December 10, 1926, p. 21. [Ad, Goldensky Studios, 1705 Chestnut Street; "3 for as low as $10." Note: Elias Goldensky in an ad in Philadelphia Inquirer, 1926 [date unclear] announced that he had moved to 1626 Chestnut Street and was no longer connected with the Goldensky studios at 1705 Chestnut Street.]

"For Rent - A Fine Photographic Studio," Philadelphia Inquirer, 1904 (no more specific date available). [Studio at 1227 Walnut formerly occupied by Elias Goldensky for rent, "the finest photographic studio In Philadelphia; thoroughly equipped and up to date: privileges of the vestibule, side wall ami part of front building for a show case. "]

"Frank H. Mancill," Philadelphia Inquirer, August 26, 1939, p. 9. [Portrait of lawyer and Director of the Merion Civic Association, by Goldensky.]

"Gallery and Studio Chat; Exhibition of Elias Goldensky's Gum Prints at Camera Club," Buffalo Morning Express, [month and day unknown], 1912. [Includes detailed description of a number of Goldensky's studios and biography, with mention that he became active in the photographic profession in the 1880s. Goldensky's work has been hung permanently in Memorial Hall, Philadelphia. He is a member of the Philadelphia Photographic Society, National Photographers' Association of America, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and the Musical Art Club. Article lists the important exhibitions in Europe and America in which he was included where he was awarded grand prizes, medals, and diplomas. From Buffalo, the exhibit will travel to the University of Michigan.]

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"Gossip of the Week," Philadelphia Inquirer, April 3, 1898, p. 33. [ A musicale was given eariy in the week by Mr. nnd Mrs. Joseph Shapiro, 1333 South Tenth Street." Mr. and Mrs. E. Goldenski [sic] among those present.]

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"Milwaukee Next Meeting Place. Rochester, July 23.—The Photographers' Association of America has selected Milwaukee as the meeting place for 1910. Certificates of appreciation were presented to Ellas Goldensky and Ryland Phillips of Philadelphia, Jacques Garo, Boston, Dudley Hoyt, New York, and W. S. Lively, Mlnervllle, Tenn., for work In the school of photographic instruction at last year's convention. Last night all the delegates were given a banquet at Ontario Beach Park by the Eastman Kodak Company. More than 2,000 were present." Rome [N.Y.] Daily Sentinel, July 23, 1909, p. 1. [Also longer version in Auburn Citizen, July 23, 1909, p. 12.]

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"PORTER, colored, young; must be competent taking care of steam heat boiler; city reference, (call between 8 and 9, Goldensky Studio, 1227 Walnut st." Philadelphia Inquirer, October 29, 1908, p. 12. [Help wanted ad, indicates that despite trying to rent this studio in 1904, and opening his Chestnut Street studio in 1908, Goldensky was still at his Walnut Street studio in 1908.]

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"Says Parents Were Not Hoodwinked; 'Temple of Childhood' Photographer Says Jealousy Inspired Fraud Charge," Trenton Evening Times, November 7, 1913, p. 10. [Goldensky states that the Temple of Childhood proposed for the Panama-Pacific Exposition that would feature 1,000,000 photographs of children, including 10,000 from New Jersey, was a money making proposition but was not fraudulent.]

"She'll Ring Long Silent Liberty Bell; Mrs. W. Freeland Kendrick, wife of Philadelphia mayor," New York Sun, Dec. 31, 1925, p. 20. [Kenrick with bell by Goldensky.]

"Show Fine Photos; Fine Display at Annual Exhibition of Local Association," Philadelphia Inquirer, February 9, 1913, p. 2. [Goldensky among exhibitors at annual exhibition of Photographic Society of Philadelphia at 1722 Arch Street. Others include C. Yarnall Abbott, president of the Society, and William Shewell Ellis.]

"Society: Fancies of Fashion. . .," Philadelphia Inquirer, May 27, 1922, p. 29. [Portraits of Miss Peggy Thayer and Miss Phyllis Walsh.]

"Snellenburg's Amateur Photograph Contest Closes Tomorrow," Philadelphia Inquirer, October 30, 1921, p. 23. [Goldensky to be one of six judges; the others include Albert Rosenthal.]

"SPIRIT PICTURES BUNK. . DECLARES PHOTOGRAPHER —Elias Goldensky, local photographer, who has just returned from the convention of the Ontario Society of Photographers, declared today that spirit photography Is nothing but "bunk." He lectured at the meeting on the subject of spirit pictures. 'I know something about this sort of th'ng,' he declared. 'My father was a theosophlst and hypnotist. I myself am a hypnotist and with father, practiced the art in Russia many years. You may think that has no bearing on spiritualism, but it has. Some means of phosphoric paint or substance is used in every spirit photograph. . . .'" Schenectady Gazette, July 12, 1924, p. 4.

"Successful Exhibitors," Niagara Falls Gazette, September 9, 1906, n.p. [In long article about Photographers Association of America that begins on page 1. Goldensky received blue ribbon award for exhibited work.]

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"Woman's World; Miss Alice I. Riddle, Girl Artist, Wins Prize for Mural Design," Daily Long Island Farmer (Jamaica, Queens, NY), [Between January 1 and January 15], 1915, p. 3. [Portrait by Goldensky.] [Also published in The Bath Plaindealer, January 23, 1915, p. 1.]

"Women's Hands in Art," Philadelphia Inquirer, May 19, 1929, p. 5. [Goldensky one of three judges for exhibition of women's hands in fine art at The Sketch Club.]

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