Photography Books. Mark Jacobs to Bernard E. Jones.


92a. Jacobs, Mark, et al. Photography in Focus: A Basic Text. National Textbook, 1978. Wraps, fine. $5.00.


92b. Janis, Eugenia Parry, Max Kozloff, and Adam D. Weinberg. Vanishing Presence. Walker Art Center/Rizzoli, 1989. [Dieter Appelt; Bernhard Blume; Mary Beth Edelson; Joseph Jachna; William Klein; Ralph Eugene Meatyard; Duane Michals; Lucas Samara; Michael Snow; Patrick Tosani; Anne Turyn; Francesca Woodman]. Stiff illustrated wraps, like new with custom made 4 mil polyester jacket. $30.


93. Japan. Castile, Rand. The Way of Tea. [Fine study of the tea ceremony, tea gardens, architecture, etc.; numerous photos by H. Ikeda, S. Fujima, et al. Condition good (cover sunned, edge worn, binding shaky). 1st ed., 329 pp., Weatherhill, 1971. Uncommon book, lacks slipcase, $30.


93a. Japan. Szarkowski, John and Shoji Yamagishi, eds. New Japanese Photography. NY: Museum of Modern Art, 1974. [Eikoh Hosoe, Ikko, Ken Ohara, Ken Domon, Shomei Tomatsu, Masahisa Fukase, et al. Wraps, fine, not stated but presumed 1st ed. with photo by Ikko on page 75 reversed, erratum laid in, $30.


93a.1. Another copy, very good with moderate wear to top rear corner. $20. Another copy, slight curling of covers, name of a gift giver at top right of first page after cover, custom made 4 mil polyester jacket. $20.


93a.2. Jay, Bill. Photographers Photographed. Introduction by Helmut Gernsheim. Peregrine Smith, 1983. 1st ed. [Portraits of about 80 photographers with amusing commentary. Includes Ansel Adams, Keith Arnatt, Thomas F. Barrow, John Benton-Harris, Ferenc Berko, Edouard Boubat, Bill Brandt, Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Rene Burri, Michel Butor, Maurice Camhi, Cornell Capa, Paul Caponigro, Walter Carone, John Charity, Lucien Clergue, Van Deren Coke, A.D. Coleman, Sue Davies, Joseph Deal, Allen Dutton, Louise Faurer, Marti Forscher, Leonard Freed, Frederick Gandolfi, Helmut Gernsheim, Ralph Gibson, Fay Godwin, James Jajicek, Charles Harbutt, Bert Hardy, Erich Hartmann, Sam Haskins, Robert Heinecken, Fritz Henle, Paul Hill, E.O. Hoppe, David Hurn, Bill Jay, Bill Jenkins, Harold Jones, Josef Koudelka, Barry Lane, Jacques Henri Lartigue, Wayne R. Lazorik, Russell Lee, Jean-Claude Lemaigny, Jerome Liebling, Joh Loengard, Nathan Lyons, Greg MacGregor, Mike Mandel, Don McCullin, Daniel Meadows, Duane Michaels, Barbara Morgan, Wright Morris, John Mulvany, Beaumont Newhall, Nancy Newhall, Arnold Newman, Helmut Newton, Colin Osman, Graham Ovenden, Gilles Peress, Bernard Plossu, Tony Ray-Jones, George Rodger, Bob Schwalberg, Ken Shorr, Aaron Siskind, Neil Slavin, Michael A. Smith, Frederick Sommer, Ralph Steiner, John Szarkowski, John Upton, Burk Uzzle, Patrick Ward, Weegee (Arthur Fellig), Cole Weston, and Myron Wood]. A very good copy in stiff illustrated wraps with a couple of cover crimps (not issued in hardcover). $35.


93aa. Jenkins, Reese V. Images and Enterprise: Technology and the American Photographic Industry, 1839-1925. [Arguably the best history of the photography business during the years covered, incuding the large firms of E. & H.T. Anthony and Eastman Kodak , as well as many other companies such as Scovill and ANSCO. Includes many informative tables with statistics on sales of cameras, film, and other photographic goods. Analyzes in detail the invention of roll film and the lawsuit involving the patent of Hannibal Goodwin.] Baltimore: Johns Hopkins, 1975, 1987. Stiff illustrated wraps, vg+ with small signature of previous owner on front flyleaf. $15.


93b. Joel, Yale. Creative Camera Techniques. Time-Life, 1979. 300 loose cards, each with a photo and explanation on the back. Most of the photos by Yale Joel, long-term Time-Life photographer. Complete, 20 sets, in ten binders with card pockets. Complete sets are scarce. Binders have moderate wear; cards are fine exc. some slightly darkened on edges. $60.


93bb. Johnston, Frances Benjamin. Pete Daniel and Raymond Smock. A Talent for Detail: The Photographs of Miss Frances Benjamin Johnston, 1889-1910. Harmony, 1974. [Johnston and Kasebier were the leading women photographers in the United States ca. 1900.] Stiff illustrated wraps, near fine, $15.


93bbb. Jones, Bernard E., ed. Encyclopedia of Photography edited by Bernard E. Jones. Introduction by Peter C. Bunnell and Robert Sobieszek, with a new picture porfolio. Reprint of 1911 edition by Arno Press, 1974. 572 pages. Near fine with very good dust jacket that has wear at extremities and creases on inner flaps. $40.


93bbb.1. Journal of the Photographic Society of London. Containing the Transactions of the Society and a General Record of Photographic Art and Science. Edited by Arthur Henfrey. Volume the First. London: Taylor and Francis, 1854. Facsimile edition published by Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain, 1976. Red cloth, near fine with previous owner's name on front flyleaf. $40.