7d. Annuals. The Year-Book of Photography and Photographic News Almanac for 1871, edited by G. Wharton Simpson. New York: Scovill; Philadephia: Benerman & Wilson; London: Piper & Carter. [Adam-Salomon, Art Photography in England; Francis Bedford, Hints on Landscape Photography; Jabez Hughes, Daguerreotypes; Henry Peach Robinson, A Hint from America; William England, Hints on Development; J.H.Dallmeyer, Optics; Valentine Blanchard, On Making Vignettes; J.W. Swan, Photolithography; H. Vogel, Management of Light; Walter Woodbury, Tissue Negatives; R.M. Gordon, Dry Plates; O.G. Rejlander, Photography and Art; J.R. Johnson, Autotype Process; Clement Rogers, Hints to Sitters and Visitors in the Studio; and many other articles of interest. Aqua colored paper covers, 126 pages plus 36 pages of ads at back of book. Front cover chipped at top right corner and partially detached, rear cover chipped and detached, lacks some of paper covering spine, first signature loose at bottom, title page chipped at corner (not affecting text). Fragile but basically intact and readable. SOLD

7dd. Annuals. American Annual of Photography, 1912. Vol. XXVI. Edited by Percy Y. Howe. NY, 1911. [Articles on The American Salon, telephoto lenses, photographing against the light, color photography, sensitizing platinum paper by Paul Anderson, stereoscopic night photography, the hands in portraiture, photographing in Bermuda, Ozobrome improvements, The Life Story of a Scantling, and more. Photos by Elias Goldensky, Rudolf Duhrkoop, Harold Casneaux, William Crooke, Rudolf Eickemeyer, Knaffle & Bro., Jane Reece, J.C.Strauss, Edgar A. Cohen, Frank E. Huson, Richard Trotter Jeffcott, A.B. Stebbins, Harry D. Williar, George D. Jopson, J.A. Anderson, and many others, including some inserted on special paper and printed in sepia.] Hardcover, Author's edition, very good, custom made mylar protective jacket, tips and spine wear, lacks sample Kodak photo. $50.


8a. Annuals. Arets Bilder. 1957/58 Ur STF;s bildskord 1957. Swedish Pictures of the Year. Svenska Turistoforengingens Forlag (Swedish Tourist Club), 1957. [49 photographers, about 80 photographs. Photographers include Esbjorn Andersson, Olle Anger, Uno Asplund, Arne Axelsson, Erik Axmark, Stig Berg, Torsten Berg, Rolf Bertrom, Inga Lisa Bjorklov, Gunnar Bjornlid, Robert Blom, Bjorn Breitoltz, Kurt Dejmo, Marta Edling, Leif Eliasson, Erik Enfors, Ake Engman, Henry Eriksson, Ragnar Fernstrom, Herbert Fristedt, Velentin Hagerth, Inga-Lisa Hedin, Svante Hedin, Ake Hakansson, Lennart Jansson, Roland Johanson, Evert Julner, et al.] Hardcover, no dust jacket, gift inscription front flyleaf, very little wear, cover has light water marks, very good. $10.


9a. Annuals. British Journal of Photography Almanac 1943. Henry Greenwood & Co., London. 392pp. with articles [inc. one on three-dimensional cinematography], ads, formulas, and 32 gravures, including Y. Karsh of Winston Churchill, another by Karsh, F.J. Mortimer, G. Newby (of a statuesque nude), et al. Thoroughly indexed including to products. Green cloth, corner bump, moderate wear to extremities. $15.


9b. Annuals. British Journal of Photography Almanac 1960. Arthur J. Dalladay, ed. Henry Greenwood & Co., London. 620pp. Inc. article by Margaret Harker on photography in the United States, other articles, very substantial section on new equipment inc. both still and movie cameras, 32 gravures, inc. Margaret Harker, J.S. Lewinski, E.L. Steiner, and J.Ortiz Echague. [Harker subsequently became very well known as a photographer, lecturer, and photo historian. She was appointed Head of the School of Photography in the Polytechnic of Central London in 1959 and is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society. She authored, "The Linked Ring," in 1979, the standard work on that pictorialist organization.] Thoroughly indexed, including to products. Green cloth, fine exc. edges of pages beginning to darken. $15.


9c. Annuals. British Journal of Photography Annual 1979. Special chapters on pictorialist, Camera Work photographer Alvin Langdon Coburn and early documentary photographer John Thomas (not to be confused with John Thomson). Also the picture section includes many contemporary photographers including Michael Kenna (early examples from his now flourishing career), Franco Fontana, Brian Fanning, Steven Johnston, Marilyn Stern, Jill Stinchcombe, Sarah King, Khu Khan, Carolyn Johns, Bob Carlos Clarke, and many others. Condition fine hardcover with vg dust jacket that has no losses but a couple of nicks on spine, minor edge wear and two short tears on rear. $15.


9d. Annuals. British Journal of Photography Annual 1982, fine with fine dust jacket. Featuring Landscape-the Yorkshire Group (Ian Ingram, John Davies, and Charlie Meacham); Norman Parkinson: 50 Years of Portraits and Fashion, inc. photos of Beatles, Noel Coward, Katherine Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor); Lucia Moholy (the wife of Laszlo Moholy-Nagy), a wonderful article by historian Margaret Harker; biographical illustrated article on veteran photojournalist Tim Gidal, who was based in Jerusalem through much of his career; and a history of the photo processing industry by Nevill Maude. Also in the picture section, photos by Ralph Gibson, Patt Blue, Michael Kenna, and many others. $15.


9d.1. Annuals. Daguerreian Annual 2014. Mark S. Johnson, ed. Daguerreian Society, 2015. [Topics and photographers include Daguerreotypes; Ambrotypes; African American Clothing; California Gold Rush; George S. Cook, itinerant in Georgia; Brothers Charles E. and Luther Holman Hale, Boston; Indian Territory; Hawaii; Henry Fitz, Jr.; Postmortem portraits; Winter clothing; Southworth & Hawes; Henry E. Insley; Abraham Bogardus; Ake Hultman; Marcus Aurelius Root; Claude Levet; Mike Robinson; Ferdinand Vitagliano, Marseille.] One of 550 softcover copies. Bumped on lower right front corner, still very good. $40.


9e. Annuals. Das Deutsche Lichtbild, 1932. Fair copy with exterior wear and missing 7 leaves with 14 illustrations. Illustrations present include Bill Brandt; Ludwig F. Clauss; Adalbert Defner; Alfred Eisenstaedt; Hugo Erfurth; Joachim Fuss; Robert M. Gerstmann; Heinz Hajek-Halke; Elsbeth M. Heddenhausen; Walter Hege; Ferdinand Hodek; Ewald Hoinkis, E.O. Hoppe; Martin Hurlimann; Ewald Israel; Otto Junge; Franz Kogl; Erika Kreplin; Heinrich Kuhn; Elli Marcus; Martin Munkacsi; Friedrich Schiller; Friedrich Seidenstucker; Paul Unger; Paul Wolff; and others. List of photographers in back with technical data. Ads for Rolleiflex, Agfa Brovira, Primarette, Persenso Film by Perutz, Rodenstock Imagon, Ergo-Braun paper, Thagee camera; Zeiss. Essays in German by Heinrich Kuhn (former member of the Photo-Secession), et al. Special pictorial section with photographs of skiing. A flawed copy but still more than 200 pages. $10.


10. Annuals. Editors of Time-Life Books. Photography Year 1973. (Featuring Diane Arbus, Margaret Bourke-White, Judy Dater, Andre Kertesz, Strand, George Tice, et al.) Time-Life Books, 1972. vg, $10.


11. Annuals. Editors of Time-Life Books. Photography Year 1974. (Featuring Ugo Mulas, Elisofon, Dean Brown, Steichen (Autochromes), Marcia Resnick, Terry Wild, Glaudin Gueniot, Joseph Jachna, the Arctic). Time-Life Books, 1973. vg w. minor edge and spine wear. $6.


12. Annuals. Editors of Time-Life Books. Photography Year 1975. (Featuring Cartier-Bresson, Ansel Adams, Doisneau, Horst, Hoyningen-Huene, Steichen, Fontana, Laughlin, Minor White, photo collecting boom, Thirties fashion, et al.) Time-Life Books, 1975. moderate wear. $8.


13a.1. Annuals. Maloney, Tom, ed. U.S. Camera 1941 (annual). Duell, Sloan and Pearce, 1940. Copyright by Tom Maloney. Pictures selected by Edward Steichen. Issued in 2 volumes, red cloth, gold imprint on spine, titles on paper pasted in recess on covers. Both very clean volumes have bindings that are very fine, like new. Internally, Volume I is fine with minor imperfections on a few pages. Volume II is also fine except a few small spots on pages where pages were stuck together probably by ink that wasn't completely dry during the printing and binding process. No sign of any water or moisture damage. Volume I, "America," includes feature on Lusha Nelson, one of the few sources on this gifted photographer, with an essay by his widow. Also features: Horton, Kansas -- A Midland Chronicle," by J. W. McManigal; Metropolis by Morris Engel; War Photograpy by Carl Mydans; Flash Photography by Eliot Elisofon (includes photo of Albert Einstein posing for painting by Arthur Kaufman, Eddie Richenbacker, Chaim Gross, subjects being tested for ESP, et al.); William Henry Jackson: Frontier Lensman with text by Hartley Howe and photos of and by Jackson; Dorothea Lange: Camera with a Purpose with text by Pare Lorentz and more than 20 photos by Lange; Color Section includes photos by Ruth Nichols, John Kabel, Dmitri Kessel, Fenno Jacobs, Frank Fisher, Herbert Gehr, Horace Bristol, Carola Rust, Ivan Dimitri, Martin Munkacsi, Imogen Cunningham, Arnold Genthe, and Leo Aaron; American Portraits with photos by Bob Wallace (of Will Rogers), Irving Rusinow, Eliot Elisofon, Van Fisher, Will Connell, Horace Bristol, Wallace W. Kirkland, Russell W. Lee. Volume II, "The Year's Photography," includes feature, "The Camera and the Eye," by Dr. Alston Callahan, a comparison of the eye and the camera explained in photographic terms by a physician and photographer. Color section includes photos by Edward Steichen, Ray Jones, Toni Frissell, Ruzzie Green, Halleck Finley, Leslie Gill, Valentino Sarra, Mead Maddick-Lownds, Leon De Vos, Nickolas Muray, Horst, Louise Dahl-Wolfe, Charles Kerlee, Consuela Kanaga, Ardean Miller, and Arthur Gerlach (of one of Maloney's daughters). Other photos by numerous photographers, each with explanatory notes, sometimes rather lengthy, as in the case of Margaret Bourke-White, "Camel Corps - Syria." Other noted photographers with black-and-white images include Ansel Adams, M.F. Agha, Horace Bristol, Harold Corsini, Imogen Cunningham (of Frieda Kahlo), Andre de Dienes, Jack Delano, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Andreas Feininger, Trude Fleishman (outdoor nude), Toni Frissell, Laura Gilpin, Peter Gowland, John Gutmann (4), Otto Hagel, Rex Hardy, Fritz Henle, Lewis Hine, George Hurrell (nude), Fenno Jacobs, Andre Kertesz, Russell W. Lee, Sol Libsohn, Hansel Mieth, Barbara Morgan, Marion Post, Edward Quigley, Robert Yarnell Richie, Arthur Rothstein,Walt Sanders (of Mrs. Sarah Delano Roosevelt), Frank Scherschel, Arthur Siegel, Aaron Siskind, G.E.Kidder Smith, Peter Stackpole, Luke Swank, John Vachon, Bradford Washburn, Edward Weston (3, including portrait of Imogen Cunningham), and many more. Volume II also includes movie reviews by Pare Lorentz, including The Grapes of Wrath, Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet, The Great McGinty, They Drive by Night, The Biscuit Eater, The Great Dictator, and others. Both volumes contain numerous advertisements now of historical interest. A nice complete set of an important annual in two volumes, as issued. SOLD


13aa. Annuals. Maloney, Tom, ed. U.S. Camera 1949 (annual). U.S. Camera Publishing Company, 1948. (Featuring Henri Cartier-Bresson portfolio on India, including the last days and funderal of Gandhi; exhibit of French photographers at Photo League; exhibit, "In and out of Focus" at Museum of Modern Art in New York curated by Edward Steichen and featuring Walker Evans, Louis Faurer, Ansel Adams, Todd Webb, Richard Avedon, Esther Bubley, et al.; plus much more in this 392 page book). Photographers and subjects include: Ansel Adams; Erwin Blumenfeld; Harry Callahan; Louis Faurer; Philippe Halsman; Berenice Abbott; Richard Avedon; Cecil Beaton; Ruth Bernhard; Werner Bischof; Edouard Boubat; Brassai; Esther Bubley; Robert Capa (on Russia); Henri Cartier-Bresson (India); Will Connell; Robert Doisneau; Alfred Eisenstaedt; Morris Engel; Andreas Feininger; Robert Frank; Gisele Freund; Sid Grossman; Fritz Henle; Edwin Rosskam; Palestine; Florence Homolka; Horst; Lotte Jacobi (Photogenics); Consuela Kanaga; Charles E. Kerlee; Helen Levitt; Leonard McCombe; Frances McLaughlin; Gjon Mili; Wayne Miller (his wife giving birth series); Lisette Model; Barbara Morgan; Wright Morris; Arnold Newman; Homer Page; Marion Palfi; Papillon; Gordon Parks; Irving Penn; John Rawlings; Willy Ronis; Charles E. Rotkin; Gandhi; De Gaulle; Jan Masaryk; The French Show (Photo League); Eisenhower; Dewey; Frank Sinatra; Babe Ruth; Val Sarra; Aaron Siskind; W. Eugene Smith; Val Telberg; John Vachon; William Vandivert; David Vestal; Max Waldman; Todd Webb; Dan Weiner; Edward Weston; India; Soviet Union. VG+ with good dust jacket that has several large chips. $20.


13b. Annuals. Maloney, Tom, ed. U.S. Camera 1950 (annual). U.S. Camera Pub. Co., 1949. (Featuring Bill Brandt portfolio. Also Ernst Haas; Avedon;Elisofon; Louis Faurer; Edouard Boubat; Brassai; Robert Doisneau; Hans Finsler; Pierre Jahan; Ansel Adams; Ray Atkenson; Lennart Nilsson; Willy Ronis; W. Suschitzky; John Collier, Jr.; Will Connell; Imogen Cunningham; Andre De Dienes (nudes); Philippe Halsman; Florence Homolka; Hoyningen-Heune; Theodore Jung; Karsh; George Platt Lynes; Wayne Miller; Ruth Orkin; Homer Page; Walter Rosenblum; Morris Rosenfeld; Charles E. Rotkin; V. Sarra; W. Eugene Smith; Frederick Sommer; Todd Webb; Dan Weiner; Brett Weston; Minor White; Max Yavno. News photos include Dean Acheson; Bernard Baruch; Herbert Hoover; Truman; Eisenhower; Vandenberg; Cardinal Mindszenty; Shostakovich; Ralphe Bunche; John L. Lewis; Omar Bradley; Lucius Clay; James V. Forrestal;Atom Bomb; Hiss-Chambers trial.) Cloth vg+, no dj, with annotation providing additional information on Halsman's photos of strip-tease artist Winnie Garret, "The Flaming Redhead." $20.


14. Annuals. Maloney, Tom, ed. U.S. Camera 1953 (annual). U.S. Camera Publishing Co., 1952. (Feature on Four French Photographers: Brassai, Robert Doisneau, Izis, and Willy Ronis, with portfolios, biographies, and portraits of the photographers. Also Alred Eisenstaedt portfolio of portraits of famous Britons, inc. Augustus John, Joyce Carey, Viscount Moore, Sir Alexander Fleming, Bertrand Russell, Gilbert Murray, et al. Also photos in The Christmas Show at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, by Ansel Adams, Harry Callahan, Robert Frank, Arthur Leipzig, Lisette Model, Arnold Newman, Charles Sheeler, Frederick Sommer, et al. Also other photos by Erwin Blumenfeld, Dmitri Kessel, Roman Vishniac, Ferenc Berko, Eliot Elisofon, Rosalie Gwathmey, Wayne Miller, W. Eugene Smith, Charles Kerlee, Dorothea Lange, Brett Weston, Minor White, and many others.) Very good except worn spots on bottom edge near spine, with good, chipped, mylar protected dust jacket, $25.


14a. same, protected good edge-worn dust jacket generally better than above but has a piece of tape on verso. $25.


15. Annuals. Maloney, Tom, ed. U.S. Camera 1954 (annual). U.S. Camera Publishing Co., 1953. (Selections from MOMA European photo exhibit, inc. several pages of Robert Frank [pre- The Americans], Magnum photographers inc. Cartier-Bresson, Ansel Adams portfolio on U.of Rochester, Brett Weston photos of New York, Africa by Elisofon [color], Korean War, much else of interest by well known photographers, including W. Eugene Smith, Laura Gilpin, Minor White, Max Yavno, Jacques Lowe, Wayne Miller, Elliott Erwitt, George Rodger, David Seymour, Dennis Stock, Dan Weiner, Louis Stettner, Werner Bischof, Robert Capa, Eve Arnold, Izis, Bert Hardy, Gotthard Schuh, Otto Steinert, and many others.). VG+ with VG dust jacket tht has some small chips on edges and small scuffs on cover. $25


16. Annuals. Maloney, Tom, ed. U.S. Camera Annual 1955. U.S. Camera Publishing, 1954. [The exceptional 20th Anniversary volume, featuring section of nudes and portfolios by Richard Avedon; Paul Strand; Rollie McKenna; Andreas Feininger; Robert Frank ("Welsh Miner"); and Ansel Adams (on special paper using fine screen printing). Also photos by Berenice Abbott; Wynn Bullock; Horst; Peter Basch; Roy De Carava; Andre De Dienes; Elliott Erwitt; Philippe Halsman; Charles Kerlee; Wayne Miller; Ruth Orkin; Kosti Ruohamaa; Valentino Sarra; David Seymour; Lou Stettner; Bradford Washburn; Ylla; Peter Gowland; Eliot Porter; posthumous tributes to Robert Capa and Werner Bischof; Cecil Beaton; Brassai; Cartier-Bresson; Robert Doisneau; Gisele Freund; Rene Groebli; Karsh; Lennart Nilsson; Marc Riboud; W. Suschitzky; Louis Faurer; Cedric Wright; Barney Cowherd; Ormond Gigli; Tom Guarino; Thomas Hollyman; Lou Jacobs, Jr.; Consuelo Kanaga; Lisa Larsen; Ira Latour; Anthony Linck; John Floyd Moore; Yolla Niclas; Ruth Orkin; Alan H. Pesetsky; Donald Ross; Rae Russel; Arthur Schoeni; Maurice Terrell; Claude Virgin; Walt Wiggins; Morris Gordon; John Hindley; Albrecht Brugger; Josef Brun; Hans Cordes; Serge de Sazo; Helene Fischer; Willi Gunthart; Edwin Hallan; Hans Hammarskiold; Ergy Landau; Roger Schall; and Sabine Weiss, et al. Photos of J. Robert Oppenheimer; Churchill; Molotov; Chou En Lai; Dwight D. Eisenhower; Toscanini; Joan Layton; Marilyn Monroe; Humphrey Bogart; Fred Allen; Buster Keaton; T.S. Eliot; W.H. Auden; Dame Edith Sitwell; W.S. Graham; Robert Frost; Anna Magnani; Audrey Hepburn; Dolores von Furstenberg; Virginia McKenna; Penelope Ward; Pier Angeli; Leslie Caron, et al. Includes color photos of first hydrogen bomb explosion, one of which was used in The Family of Man exhibition but excluded from the book version except in an installation view in the 1st edition.] Better copy than usually seen. Virtually no wear on book, slight odor, chipped vg dust jacket. $35.


16a. Annuals. Maloney, Tom, ed. U.S. Camera Annual 1956. U.S. Camera Publishing, 1955. Special section in honor of Edward Steichen's 75th birthday. Portfolios by Eliot Elisofon (Color is Paradise); G. E. Kidder Smith; Wynn Bullock; Brett Weston, W. Eugene Smith, Richard Avedon, and Leon Levinstein. Other contents include: Brett Weston; Family of Man (preview with several sections including Nelson Rockefeller's opening address); Berenice Abbott; Ferenc Berko; Ruth Bernhard; Margaret Bourke-White; Bill Brandt; Brassai; Rene Burri; Henri Cartier-Bresson; Joe Clark; Andre De Dienes; Elliot Erwitt; Ernst Haas; Fritz Henle; Horst; Izis; Carter Jones; Pirkle Jones; Consuelo Kanaga; Yousuf Karsh; Charles Kerlee; Dorothea Lange; Arthur Leipzig; Wayne Miller; Gordon Parks; George Rodger; Fulvio Roiter; Donald Ross; Moneta J. Sleet, Jr. (first African American photographer to win the Pulitzer Prize); Emanuel Sougez; W. Suschitsky; Minor White; Winston Churchill; Tito; Arnold Newman (Adenauer); Leonard McCombe; Salk Vaccine; Jack Goul, and more. Very good with slightly skewed spine and vg edge-chipped dust jacket. $25.


16b. Annuals. Maloney, Tom, ed. U.S. Camera Annual 1958. U.S. Camera Publishing, 1957. [With special section containing the first publication of photos from Robert Frank, The Americans, including some that didn't make the final cut. Other contributors include Brassai; Dan Weiner; B. Gallagher; Andreas Feininger; Harold Feinstein; Peter Basch; Fernac Berko; Edouard Boubat; Bill Brandt; Wynn Bullock; Rene Burri; Joe Clark; Larry Colwell; Andre De Dienes; Mario Giacomelli; Frank Horvat; Hoyningen-Huene; Anthony Armstrong Jones; Charles Kerlee; Dorothea Lange; Jacques Lowe; Russell Lee; Rollie McKenna; Wayne Miller; Louis Stettner; W. Suschitzky; Todd Walker; Rolf Winquist; Michael Wolgensinger; Harold Feinstein; Space program; Hungary; Eugene Cook; New York Art Directors Club; Richard Avedon; Irving Penn, et al.] Hardcover, illustrated paper over boards, not issued with dust jacket but just a plain glassine wrapper, which is not present on this copy. Good plus with darkening and yellowing along fore edges and along bottom edge of rear cover; moderate shelf wear; internally near fine. $40.


16c. Annuals. Maloney, Tom, ed. U.S. Camera Annual 1961. The Picture Universe. 25th Anniversary U.S. Camera. Features portfolios by William Klein (Tokyo); Alfred Eisenstaedt; Irving Penn (Moments Preserved). Also Alexander Lieberman; William Garnett; Alfred Eisenstadt; Roy Stryker (22 FSA photos by Dorothea Lange, Arthur Rothstein, Marion Post, Jack Delano, et al. selected by Stryker, plus 7 photos of Stryker; Evelyn Hofer (Stones of Florence); Photography at Mid-Century by Beaumont Newhall; Harold Edgerton (”Flash”); Twenty-Five Years of U.S. Camera (Ansel Adams, Bill Brandt, Brassai, Andres De Dienes, Harold Feinstein, Morris Jaffe, Rudolph Legname, Carl Mydans, Winfield Parks, Jr., Antonio Persico, Charles Varon, Todd Webb, Brett Weston, et al; Photography in Space; U-2 Incident. Fine with vg dust jacket that has scratch on the back cover. $25.

16d. Annuals. U.S. Camera Annual 1962, edited by Tom Maloney. U.S. Camera Publishing, 1961. Portfolios by Brett Weston (Europe), Mathew Brady, James Abbe, Edward Steichen (with detailed biographical chronology by Grace M. Meyer), Ken Heyman, Robert Freson (portraits of famous photographers plus lovely female nudes), George Silk, Marvin E. Newman, W. Suschitzky, & Peter Suschitzky. Plus two or more images each by Art Kane, Richard Avedon (of Jacqueline Kennedy and children), Bill Brandt, Robert Doisneau, Peter Basch, Bert Stern, Boyce Downy, Hans Hammarskiold, Philipp Giegel, Richard Davis, Jean Ph. Charbonnier, William Klein, Alp Lidman, Karsh, Marvin E. Newman, Bradford Washburn, Ylla, W.I. Parks, Jr, and others. And single images by George Krause, Agnes Varda, Constantine Manos, Andre De Dienes, Philippe Halsman, Yale Joel, and others, inc. the Pulitzer Prize photo by Yasuki Nagoa. Portrait Subjects include Anita Eckberg, Anna Magnani, Salvador Dali, Grete Garbo, George Armstrong Custer, Ingemar Johansson, Floyd Patterson, Casey Stengel, Carl Sandburg, Margaret Bourke-White, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Eliot Elisofon, Arnold Newman, Horst, John Rawlings, Norman Parksinson, W. Eugene Smith, Edward Steichen, Edward Albee, John F. Kennedy, Also, special features on rocket photography and the Presidency. This copy is 1st and only edition, hardcover, very good with mylar protected dust jacket that has wear at top of spine. $25.


16e. Annuals. U.S. Camera International Pictures Annual 1963. U.S. Camera Publishing, 1962. Includes section on President John F. Kennedy and family. Photographers include Heyman, Ken; McLaughlin-Gill, Frances; Adams, Ansel; Parksinson, Norman; Winquist, Rolf; Fink, Peter; Michals, Duane; Jones, Pirkle; Sandburg, Carl; Steichen, Edward; Horvat, Frank; Sieff, Jeanloup; Stern, Bert; Abbe, Kathryn; Heyman, Ken; Martin, George W.; Halma, Harold; Connell, Will; Algeria; Congo, Polaris; Astronauts; Duncan, David Douglas; Picasso; Kennedy, John F.; Halsman, Philippe; Plowden, David; Karsh; Suschitzky, W.; Weston, Brett; Tietgens, Rolf; Krause, George; Zucker, Harvey. Softcover with wear on spine, very good. $10.


16f. Annuals. Maloney, Tom, ed. U.S. Camera 1969 World Annual. U.S. Camera Publishing Co., 1968. Featuring portfolios by/about Skrebneski, Art Rickerby, Richard Davis, Twen, Edward Steichen, Switzerland, Nazare, Philippe Halsman, and Patrick Higgins. Memorials to Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. Features: Robert Riger, "Where Have All the Photographers Gone?"; David Douglas Duncan, "I Protest!"; and News Highlights, 1968. Color photography by Frances McLaughlin-Gill, Hal Oringer, Penati, Bob Nemser, Emerick Bronson, Herb Breuer, Lucien Clergue, Robert Pastner, NASA, et al. Also featuring photographs by Kathryn Abbe, Ollie Atkins, Jan Berntsen, Yogi Cohen; Joseph Dankowski; Phoebe Dunn, Eastfoto, peter Fink, Ken Haak, Walter Hirsch, Karsh, Ed Lada, Robert Lebeck, David McCabe, Roddy McDowell, Mary Ellen Mark, Frances McLaughlin-Gill, Onofrio Paccione, S. Paul, Santo Piano, Dom Quartuccio, Raghunath Rai, Ota Richter, Jerry Sarapochiello, Sovfoto, Wolf Suschitzky, Walter Swarthout, Dawn Mitchell Tress, Athanasios Tsagris, Dick Ustinich, John Varley, Walter Vogel, Harvey A. Weber, Scott Wilson, Rolf Winquist, John M. Zielinski. Also scientific photography, including Eadweard Muybridge, atom bomb blasts, lasers, et al. Very good with small scuff on back cover. Wraps, as issued. $20.

16g. Annuals. Jones, Cranston, editor-in-chief. U.S. Camera World Annual 1970. U.S. Camera Publishing Co., 1968. Portfolios by Philip Leonian, Will McBride, Penati, Paul Caponigro, and Imogen Cunningham. Special Sections: School of visual Arts, The Vanderbeek Dimension, Philadelphia Heritage - The 1898 Salon (Gertrude Kasebier, Alfred Stieglitz, A. Horsley Hinton, Elias Goldensky), and The Moon. Color by Len Steckler, Philip Leonian, Will McBride, Penati, Richard Selby, M.A. Tcherevkoff, Robert Huntzinger, and NASA. Special editors' selections: Photo Power by Mary P.R. Thomas (Francesco Scavullo, Michael O'Cleary, et al.); Viewpoint by David Vestal (Andre Kertesz, Benno Friedman, Ansel Adams, Lilo Raymond, Lee De Jaso, Maggie Sherwood, James Alinder, Douglas Stewart, Henry Wilhelm, Paul Friedman, Jan Lukas, David Donoho, Douglas Stewart, Michael Martone, Helen Buttfield, Michael Abramson); and Three Photographers by Jim Hughes (Charles Gatewood, Richard Bellak, George Gardner). Also other photographs by Roy Aranella, Richard Davis, Spuris Egons, Peter Fink, Bob Fletcher, Leonard Freed, Zachary Freyman, Mario Giacomelli, Herb Goro, Henriette Grandat, Charles Harbutt, Lee Baker Johnson, Marc Kaczmarek, Tim Kantor, Ed Lada, Robert Lebeck, Jan Lukas, Dennis Mansell, Bob Miller, Enrico Natali, Milon Novotny, Takayuki Ogawa, Onofrio Paccione, Charles Pratt, Raghu Rai, Jimm Roberts, Stefano Robino, Carla Romeike, Francesco Scavullo, Flip Schulki, Michael Semak, J. Frederick Smith, Ursula Suess, Horst Tappe, Dick Ustinich, Burk Uzzle. Includes article on the 1835 moon hoax by David Vestal. Wraps, as issued. Near fine with a small crimp on front cover and nick on rear cover. $20. Another copy, near fine with a crimp on cover and the number 59 written in top right corner of cover. $20.

16h. Annuals. U.S. Camera Annual 1971, edited by David Vestal. U.S. Camera Publishing Co., 1970. Featuring Josef Sudek; Elliott Erwitt; Sonja Bullaty and Angelo Lomeo; Edward Steichen; Michael Semak; Solomon D. Butcher; The Circus by Charles Reynolds; Molly Maguires by George Harvan; Brett Weston; Nell Dorr; Famous Photographers School: Student Photographs; Minor White; One by Ken Ohara; and Caulfield & Shook of Louisville, Kentucky. Also photos by William Barksdale, Lou Bernstein, Richard Blinkoff, Robert Bolton, Walter Bredel, Herb Breuer (cover), Dan Budnik, Helen Buttfield, Mark Cohen, Martin Dall, Edward F. D'Arms, Jr., Liliane De Cock, Sandy Dewing, P. Doele, Robert Doisneau, Mrs. Fred M. Dole, Rev. Fred M. Dole, Jerome Ducrot, Maury Englander, Will Faller, Antonio A. Fernandez, Laurence Fink, Bob Fletcher, Leonard Freed, Benno Friedman, Don Getsug, Mario Giacomelli, Ralph Gibson, Ronnie Ginnever, John Gossage, Emmet Gowin, M.J. Guariglia, Charles Harbutt, Kay Harris, Howard Harrison, Rosmarie Hausherr, James B. Johnson, Dorothea Kehaya, Sean Kernan, Russ Kinne, Alan Klotz, George Krause, Les Krims, Paul Kwilecki, Helen Levitt, Ricahrd Makino, Frank Maresca, Bard Martin, Dan McCoy, Fred McDarrah, Marlis Muller, Anne Noggle, Catherine Noren, Hal Okun, Michael Putnam, Herb Quick, Lilo Raymond, Ronald Rose, Steven Schoen, Michael Semak, Ann Zane Shanks, Jerry Siegel, Byron Stone, Richared Ustinich, Ed Van Der Elsken, Winston Vargas, Sam Wang, and Robert Weiss. Wraps, as issued. A couple of crimps in cover, otherwise fine. $20.


16h.1. Another copy, rear cover creased, otherwise vg. $15.

16h.2. Annuals. Photo-Graphic 1949. The Annual of America's Leading Photographers. Selected and edited by the American Society of Magazine Photographers. Whittlesey House, 1949. Black cloth, lacks dust jacket with photocopy of dust jacket laid in, along with a copy of a missing leaf (pages 123-124). Otherwise, book is very good with wear at extremities. Contains photographs by many of the most eminent photographers of the 20th century, including Berenice Abbott, Erwin Blumenfeld, Margaret Bourke-White, Horace Bristol, Cornell Capa, Marjory Collins, Will Connell, Gordon Coster, Louise Dahl-wolfe, Arnold Eagle, Eliot Elisofon, Morris Engel, Andreas Feininger, Toni Frissell, Philippe Halsman, Fritz Henle, Lilo and Otto Hess, George Hoyningen-Huene, Horst P. Horst, Victor Keppler, Andre Kertesz, Lisa Larsen, Nina Leen, Jack Manning, Thomas McAvoy, Ralph Morse, Martin Munkacsi, Arnold Newman, Rondal Partridge, John Rawlings, Arthur Rothstein, Kosti Ruohomaa, Peter Stackpole, Frank Scherschel, W. Eugene Smith, William Vandivert, Roman Vishniac, Edward Weston, Ylla, and many others. $10.


16i. Another copy, all pages present with chipped dust jacket, exterior of book fine, some rippling to pages. $25.

16k. Annuals. Photography Annual 1955. A Selection of the World's Greatest Photographs by the Editors of Popular Photography Magazine. Edited by Bruce Downes. Ziff-Davis, 1954. Featuring 9 pages by Garry Winogrand. Other photographers include Werner Bischof, Joseph Breitenbach, Horace Bristol, Charlotte Brooks, Shirley Burden, Cornell Capa, Robert Capa, Cartier-Bresson, Bruce Davidson, Andre de Dienes, Robert Doisneau, Ralph Ginzburg, Milton Greene, Philippe Halsman, Izis, Clemens Kalischer, Simpson Kalischer, Leon Levinstein, Jacques Lowe, George Rodger, Scavullo, Peter Stackpole, Suzanne Szasz, Todd Webb, Jerry Yulsman, et al. Vg- with two crimps on cover. Wraps, as issued. $10.


16.l. Annuals. Photography Annual 1958. A Selection of the World's Greatest Photographs by the Editors of Popular Photography Magazine. Edited by Bruce Downes. Ziff-Davis, 1957. Featuring portfolios by Carroll Seghers, II; Don Ornitz (including cover and another photo of Venetia Stevenson, "The Most Photogenic Girl in the World," Pier Angeli, Gia Scala, Elsa Martinelli, et al; and Harold Feinstein (including portrait of dancer Jose Barrera). Other photographers, some with more than one photograph, include Benjamin Spengel, Alfred Wertheimer, Robert Mottar (including of Professor George Harrison Shull, Dept. of Biology, Princeton University), Zoltan Glass, S.C. Valastro, James Karales (assistant to W. Eugene Smith), Aart Klein, Ivan Massar, Jean-Marie Baufle, Frank Philippi, Andre de Dienes (including of Anita Ekberg), Maria Austria, Hiro Wakabayashi, Bert Carpelan, Earl Seubert, Gunnar Ny, James Blair, Philippe Halsman (including of Peter Freuchen and David Douglas Duncan), Don Richard, Joachim Schuppe, Ed Feingersh, George Moffett (of Jasper Johns), Robert Doisneau, Arthur E. Fillmore, Jacques Lowe, W. Eugene Smith (Andrea Doria disaster), Jean-Philippe Charbonnier, Karl Malmqvist, Horst Maubach, Staffan T. Alander, Martin Munkacsi (of Kim Novak, et al.), Joel Davis, Gunnar Berneholm, Wynn Bullock, Todd Webb, Jay Maisel, George Zimbel, Sam Falk, Esther Bubley (many images), Hugh Bell, Alfred Wertheimer, George Moffett, Martin J. Dain (of Mamie Van Doren), Sven-Gosta Johansson, Liselotte Strelow, Tranquillo Casiraghi, Susan Sherman, Ken Josephson, Len Steckler, Mike Tabb, Sanford Roth (including of Carlo Levi), Yatuka Haruta, Charles Schorre, Don Hunstein, Claude Michaelides, Jean Mohr, Paul Seligman, Stefano Robino, Pete Turner, William M. McLamore, Michael Friedel, Jacques Villon, Suzanne Szasz, N.M. Manley, Gene Howard, Paul Huf, Bob Willoughby (of Elizabeth Taylor), Bradley Smith, Philip DiPaola, John Bryson (including of Mickey Rooney), J. Frederick Smith, Richard Jeffrey, Werner Bischof, Benn Mitchell, Peter Sahula, S.C. Wilson, Oliver P. Harwood, Horst H. Baumann, Elliott Erwitt, Hans Comotio, Bruno Mooser, Ed Lettau, Berndt Klyvare, Jurg Klages, Richard R. Hewett, Ivan Massar, Kurt Dejmo, Victor Haveman, Jean Dragesco, Walde Huth-Schmolz, Sune Jonsson, Harry Hamburg, Harvey Shaman, Rolf Winquist, Sven Westerberg, Nick Dean, Diane patton, Leonard L. Cohen, Karl Ingvar Norgren, Ann Treer, Paul Hassel, Gunnar Berneholm, Vernon L. Smith David Moore, Robert Besard, Ernst Haas, Bert Carpelan, Marcel permantier, Peter Basch, William Thomson, Ted Russell, Fred Mark, Alfred Gescheidt, Roger Fritz, Henry J. Fagliano, Wayne Miller, Jerry Uelsmann (very early example of his work), Bob Gomel, George Healey, Leif Eliasson. Wraps, as issued. VG- with cover wear, closed tear on rear cover. $10.


16m. Annuals. Photography Annual 1960. 10th Anniversary Issue. A Selection of the Worlds' Greatest Photographs by the Editors of Popular Photography Magazine. Edited by Bruce Downes. Ziff-Davis, 1959. Includes the former American Annual of Photography. Includes Ken Heyman (Sister of the Bride); Bruce Davidson (Old Woman of Montmartre); Avedon (color photo essay on Marilyn Monroe); Elliot Erwitt; Wingate Paine; Dan Weiner (tribute); Lisa Larsen (tribute); Philippe Halsman (of Ansel Adams and Edith Sitwell); Dennis Stock (of Andre Kostelanetz); Otto Steinert; Harold Feinstein; Sonja Bullaty; Sanford Roth (of Audrey Hepburn); Cartier-Bresson (of Stieglitz); Man Ray; Nell Dorr; Alfred Stieglitz (Steerage); Edward Steichen; Dorothea Lange; Barbara Morgan; Ansel Adams (Moonrise); Irving Penn; Alfred Stieglitz & Clarence White; Edward Weston; Charles Sheeler; Lewis Hine; Bill Brandt; Yousuf Karsh (of Churchill); Harry Callahan; Arnold Newman (of Andrew Wyeth); Arnold Genthe (of Grete Garbo); Manuel Alvarez Bravo; Clarence White; Andreas Feininger; Berenice Abbott; et al. Wraps, crimps on cover, chip at top of spine, VG-, $10.


16n. Annuals. Photography Annual 1963. A Selection of the Worlds' Greatest Photographs by the Editors of Popular Photography Magazine. Edited by Bruce Downes. Ziff-Davis, 1962. Featuring portfolios or other photographs by Sanford Roth; Dave Heath; Howard Sochurek; Lawrence N. Shustak; Mark Shaw; Tokutara Tanaka; Sam Haskins; Burt Glinn; Raymond Jacobs; Marvin Koner; Harvey Zucker; George Tice; Charles Harbutt; Horst Fisher; David Attie; Walter Chappell; Eliott Erwitt; Philippe Halsman; et al. Includes "What They Said About Photography," with quotes by Cuthbert Bede, Ray Metzker, Francois Gouraud, Bruce Downes, John Canaday, Lewis Mumford, James McNeill Whistler, Imogen Cunningham, Ansel Adams, Ben Shahn, Paul Valery, Margaret Bourke-White, Walker Evans, Irving Penn, Wright Morris, Charles Sheeler, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Edward Weston, L.J.M. Daguerre (first announcement, 1839), Minor White, William Henry Fox Talbot, Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Baudelaire, Mark Twain, Gertrude Stein, Berenice Abbott, jacob Deschin, George Bernard Shaw, Henry Peach Robinson, George Bernard Shaw, et al. VG- with cover crease, chipping at top and bottom of spine. $15.


16o. Annuals. Photography Annual 1965. A Selection of the World's Greatest Photographs by the Editors of Popular Photography Magazine. Edited by Bruce Downes. Ziff-Davis, 1964. Featuring Portfolios by Hy Peskin (Jack and Jacqueline Kennedy at Cape Cod), Michael Peirce, Jacques Henri Lartigue, Masaya Nakamura, August Sander, Robert Capa, Andre Kertesz, Wynn Bullock, Gene Laurents, Herbert T. Marcus, Sam Haskins, Salvador Dali by Philippe Halsman, The Heliographers (Dave Heath, Paul Caponigro, Syl Labrot, Walter Chappell, Scott Hyde, George Love, Lee Lockwood, Michael DiBiase, Dorothea Kehaya, Jonathan Greenwald, Arthur Kramer, William Klift, and Jerry Uelsmann), plus many others some with several photographs, including, Myles J. Adler, Sven Asberg, Robert Asnong, William Bell, Gianni Berengo Gardin, William Cadge, Noel P. Clark, Stehanie Dinkins, Jerome Ducrot, Ken Duskin, Leif Eliasson, Dany Farrell, Robert Greson, George W. Gardner, Mario Giacomelli, Bernard Gotfryd, Allan Grant, Jonathan Greenwald, Rolf Frelf, George Harvan, Willy Hengl, Ken Heyman, William Hudson, Robert H. Jackson, Yousuf Karsh, Barry Knn, Marvin Koner, Albert Krombach, Francis Lapping, Gene Laurents, Herbert Loebel, Herbert Migdoll, Thurid F. Moeller, Charles Moore, Michael McLoughlin, Onofrio Paccione, Gordon Parks, Richard Parks, Michael Peirce, Paolo A. Pellegrineschi, Jacques Picard, Joseph Ratke, Lilo Raymond, Bob Robinson, Herbert Rosenberg, Susan Rosenthal, Tony Ruta, R.J. Santibanez, Martin J. Schmidt, Melvin Sokolsky, Leonard Soned, Donald Stebbing, Carlos D. Stern, John Stewart, Otto Storch, J.J. Supllina, Kenneth Thompson, George A. Tice, Rudi Ulm, Burk Uzzle, Charles Varon, Edward Wallowitch, Weegee (distortions), Brett Weston, Ad Windig, Henry Wolf, Samuel Wolfson, Don Worth, Gene Wright, Dan Young, and Jules Zalon. Plus a very interesting illustrated article by Hans Finsler on the "development of the photographic vision," tracing the history of photography from Hill and Adamson through Alfred Stieglitz and Paul Strand, with comparisons to artists such as Durer and Picasso. Wraps, as issued, in vg- condition with some crimps along spine, a few rubs on cover, and wear at corners. $15.

16p. Annuals. Photography Annual 1971. A Selection of the World's Greatest Photographs by the Editors of Popular Photography. Edited by H.M. Kinzer. Ziff-Davis, 1970. Feature articles on Barbara Morgan and W. Eugene Smith, et al. Other photographers include Forsberg, Alfred; Manning, Jack; Lobato, R. Sanz; McCartney, Susan; Raymond, Lilo; Gold, Michael; Warwas, Klaus; Heyman, ken (Newark); Turner, Pete; Lieberman, Al; Wickham, Reginald; Nobile, Anthony A.; Milsson, Pal-Nils; Tress, Arthur; Draper, Louis H. Spot of liquid damage lower left corner of cover with stain penetrating first few pages. vg-, $10.


16q. Annuals. Photography Annual 1976 , edited by Jim Hughes. Ziff-Davis, 1975. Featuring portfolio by Josef Koudelka, including photographs on pp. 112-121 from his Gypsies series that were not included in his book, Gypsies. Also Eddie Adams, Oskar Barnack, J. Ross Baughman, Lawrie Brown, Peter Thomson Brown, Bob Campbell, James B. Cowart, Pat Crowe, Bob D'Allessandro, Ed Del Valle, Hideki Fujii (see scan), John Ganis, Jehangir Gazdar, Rene Gelpi, Robert Gilge, Mirta Gomez, Hideki Hachisuka, Abigail Heyman, Peter Johnson, David Kaminsky, Paul Kotler, Elaine Mayes, Jim Megargee, Eric Meola, Sue Ann Miller, Margaretta Mitchell, Tony Nelssen, Starr Ockenga, Richard Olderman, Irving Penn, David Plowden, James Sahlstrand, Kjell Sadved, Francesco Scavullo, Yoshikazu Shirakawa, Charles A. Stainback, James Tomas, Ron Tunison, David Vestal, Walter Vogel, and Christian Vogt. vg+ condition, minor soiling and wear on cover, wraps as issued. $12.50.


16r. Annuals. Photography Annual 1978, edited by Jim Hughes. Ziff-Davis, 1977. Portfolios by David Attie, Roger Freeman, Ivan Farkas, B.A. King, Atget, Max Waldman, Marcus Halevi, Cheryl Younger, J. Seeley, Roberto Salbitani, Rosamond Wolff Purcell, Arno Minkkinen, Elizabeth Heyert, Christian Vogt, Kenneth McGowan, Kenda North, Sonja Bullaty, Press Pictures, JoAnn Callis, Mark Feldstein, Garret Korfitzen; Olivia Parker, Steven Hirsch, Nancy Crampton, Robert Gray. Articles include Art & Money: Selling Out Is Hard to Do, with interviews with Duane Michals, Neal Slavin, Eva Rubinstein, Ryszard Horowitz, Ralph Gibson, Henry Sandbank, Paul Katz, Eve Sonneman, Marvin Heiferman, Jill Freedman, Harold Jones, Dick Frank, and Michael de Camp, with photos of the photographers. VG+, wraps as issued, with chip at base of spine. $12.50.


16s. Annuals. Photography Annual 1979. A Selection of Fine Photographs Compiled by the Editors of Popular Photography, edited by Jim Hughes. Ziff-Davis, 1978. Articles include The New Photography: Art & Ambiguity by Carol DeGrapa; Portfolios: Randal Levenson, Harold Feinstein, Ann Brandeis, Craig Law, Ellen Carey, John Weiss, Philiip Melnick, Jurgen Schadeberg, Dale Quarterman, Dorothea Kehaya, Charlotte Trolinger, Boone Morrison, Mary Lloyd Estrin, Burk Uzzle, Ann Mandelbaum, Lala Deen Dayal; Best of U.S. Press: John Metzger, Barbara Montgomery, Patty Reksten, Bruce Bisping, Ed Vidinghoff, Michael Wirtz, Eddie Adams, Kurt E. Smith, J. Scott Applewhite, Francis Woodruff; Color on the Wall: Karen Truax, Sam Wang, A. Michael Degtjarewsky, Andre Haluska, Robert Embrey, Colleen Kenyon, Patrick Nagatani, Charlotte Marine, Suzanne Seed. Fine, $15.


17b. Color. 1956 Color Photography Annual. A Treasury of the Year's Best Color Pictures Selected by the Editors of Popular Photography. Ziff-Davis, 1956. Featuring "The Search for Color: A Short History,"by Beaumont Newhall, with illustrations by Elias Goldensky, Louis Ducos du Hauron, James W. McDonough, Edward Steichen, et al.; Masters of Color: Irving Penn and Eliot Elisofon; The Future of Color: A Symposium, with Penn, Elisofon, Edward K. Thompson, and others; tips on improving your color photography, and more. VG- with cover creases and scratches, short piece missing from spine. Popular Photography business reply envelope stuck to page near back of book. $10.


17c. Color. 1956 Color Photography Annual. A Treasury of the Year's Best Color Pictures Selected by the Editors of Popular Photography. Ziff-Davis, 1956. Featuring "The Search for Color: A Short History,"by Beaumont Newhall, with illustrations by Elias Goldensky, Louis Ducos du Hauron, James W. McDonough, Edward Steichen, et al.; Masters of Color: Irving Penn and Eliot Elisofon; The Future of Color: A Symposium, with Penn, Elisofon, Edward K. Thompson, and others; tips on improving your color photography, and more. Good with cover creases and scratches, piece missing from spine. Two pages with photos by Jerry Yulsmann and Hy Peskin replaced with photocopies. $5.